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Professional Skills
How do I prepare for an interview?
How do I make a CV and cover letter?
How do I communicate with colleagues and bosses?
After I have graduated, what steps do I take next?
Career Questions
What qualifications are required to become a Training Director? How is the training you give different from the training I would get in an apprenticeship?
What is a Quality Controller? How does it differ from a Production Supervisor?
What is a Machine Operator? What are the requirements to be one and how long does it take?
What are the requirements to qualify as a Production Supervisor? Can a graduate from any institution enter this position or do employers only take workers from within their own company?
What are the career opportunities for a Tool Setter? Can you do this with an N2 qualification?
To be a Millwright, do you need experience in mechanics or is an N6 student qualified? What does the job description entail?
Is an apprentice job considered experience? When placed in the apprenticeship does the company provide you with the equipment?
Does Tool Making require any added profession or skill? Is it the same as a Mechanical Fitter?
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